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Stefan-Boltzmann, Kevin Trenberth, and Other Paradoxes

DRAFT 6, 7/Apr/12.    by Bob Fernley-Jones AKA Bob_FJ  Here is the Trenberth et al energy budget diagram as extracted from their 2009 paper, it being an update of that in the IPCC report of 2007 (& also 2001): The unusual aspect of this diagram is that instead of directly showing radiative Heat Transfer  from the surface, it […]

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Remember the infamous Bob Ward interview, from a year ago?

Minor EDIT 15/Oct,  (corrected two hyperlinks) 11/Oct/11   Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones (AKA Bob_FJ) With the help of Mr Ward, Australia’s national broadcaster attacked the work of several sceptics of CAGW, (catastrophic AGW), including against a 2008 paper by Prof Bob Carter; one of his hundred, which Ward described as the worst paper ever.   The major issue seems that it […]

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