Email 1, Bob Ward interview

From: BobFJ  Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 12:43 PM  To: ABC corporate affairs  Subject: Complaints: “The Science Show”

Attention : Kirstin McLiesh, Head, Audience and Consumer Affairs

Further to my earlier Emails, here is the formalization of the first of my three separate complaints on “The Science Show” concerning bad science journalism, including bias:

[1] Interview with Bob Ward: Sceptics’ publishing record on climate,

There have been worldwide complaints represented on the internet with the following articles, some of which have many blog comments attached. Some display too much emotion in my view, (please look past the anger), but I agree with most of what is said:

1a) ABC News Watch: Slander on the Science show. 3 October

1b) Jennifer Marohasy: Our Malicious ABC Science Show. 3, October; very succinct + over 80 comments.

1c) Joanne Nova: Robyn Williams shreds the tenets of science (a succinct analysis + 180 comments between 13 &16, Oct)

1d) U.K. Telegraph on line; What on earth is Bob Ward? Revised 13, October. Rather emotive, but attracting over 800 comments.

1e) Quadrant: ABC Radio fails listeners in climate change interview. 5, October:                          

1f) WUWT: ABC interview wrongly torches skeptic position. 5, October; This in part, mirrors the Quadrant article above so perhaps stop reading the article itself after the first graph. Over 100 comments follow further down.

1g) Bishop Hill (Andrew Montford): How long can this continue? 6, October. Bob Ward’s efforts to smear absolutely everyone who disagrees with his position on climate change continues apace, with a shameful attack on [professor] Bob Carter on ABC radio in Australia.


As if on cue, the following recent world events, are of significant importance:

{1} 13, October: Climate change sceptics are likely to be given greater prominence in BBC documentaries and news bulletins following new editorial guidelines that call for impartiality in the corporation’s science coverage

{2} 29, September: Royal Society Bows To Climate Change Sceptics (rebellion of 43 Fellows)

{3} 6, October: Hal Lewis Resignation From The American Physical Society (Important content in his letter).

I don’t think that I need add to my agreement with these complaints


Bob Fernley-Jones. (retired professional engineer, Melbourne)


About Bob Fernley-Jones

I'm a retired mechanical engineer, and I guess that because in my science, any bad assumptions can get people killed, I have an abhorrence of many things that are perpetrated by academics in some areas of science. In the case of so-called climate science, the culture and bias in some media is also repugnant to me. I'm hoping that the ABC will improve its self regulating policies and culture to eliminate bias, and this website is under development towards that end. (if necessary).


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